It’s been almost a year since we were treated to new music from Norah Benatia. Listening to her new single, the hot off the press “W.O.M.A.N.”, it’s instantly clear that the year since finishing as the runner-up on Norwegian Idol and the release of her first single,“STAY”, has been spent well.

From her first Norwegian Idol audition in the winter of 2016, Norah swept the Norwegian public off their feet. The young singer’s stage presence, the kind that can’t be taught, was on display week after week on primetime Norwegian television. She captured our hearts with her soulful voice, radiant personality and a unique ability to put her very own imprint on everything she touches. Norah is an artist with a capital A, and her natural sensibility and flair for communicating songs allow her to turn proverbial water into the finest musical wine. After a lengthy wait, she’s finally back with new music.


“I wanted to pay homage to women, and mothers in particular, and I want to encourage all women to be themselves, no matter who they are, and without feeling limited by clichés about women or motherhood,” says Benatia about “W.O.M.A.N.”.

Born in Norway to a Norwegian mother and Algerian father, Norah moved with her family to Montpellier, France at the age of eight. Her musical family helped nurture her creativity and interest in music, and she attended music school in Montpellier from an early age. Her enduring passion saw her enrolling at a music high school, where she founded Persian Rugs, a six-piece band she still performs with inFrance. From being based in Montpellier and playing to a predominantly French audience, Norah Benatia has begun making serious inroads into the Norwegian music scene.


“STAY” received favourable reviews and became a mainstay on Norwegian radio in the summer of 2016, but then things went quiet. Norah has spent the year following her spectacular Idol run cultivating and developing her distinctive and unique sound, which sets her apart from her Norwegian peers. She says “W.O.M.A.N.” makes her feel strong and independent. We’ve been looking forward to hearing more from this soulful voice - luckily, it was worth the wait.

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